Coordination of mind and body (Shinshin-tōitsu-dō sau Yoga japoneză) is a Japanese method of personal development whose roots come from India, in the Himalayan mountains. Yoga was introduced to Japan by Sensei Tempu Nakamura in the 1930s and consists of a series of exercises, meditation and breathing techniques designed to create a relaxed and healthy body and a harmonious and calm mind.

Aikido is a modern martial art created by Sensei Morihei Ueshiba (Ō Sensei) in the 1930s as a result of a lifetime of experience in various traditional Japanese martial arts. Aikido is nonviolent and aims at physical and mental perfection, as well as the ability to be permanently protected from any kind of aggression.

Ki Aikido is a synthesis of these two paths, it is Aikido with the coordination of mind and body, a synthesis made by Sensei Koichi Tohei, the main student of Ō Sensei between 1940 and 1969.

In Ki Aikido classes, Aikido techniques are taught, as well as effective methods of relaxation and Ki development aimed at improving overall physical and mental health.

Stress is the biggest enemy of each of us. Through Ki Aikido we learn to manage it correctly and deal with it successfully. 

A calm mind rules a healthy body and vice versa, stress creates imbalances in the body and poor health.

Health is closely related to breathing, movement and state of mind, that's why Ki Aikido classes teach martial arts, breathing and meditation exercises. 

If this is what you are looking for - calmness, strength, health and the ability to defend yourself in any situation, then we are waiting for you for a free training. 

Anyone can practice Ki Aikido safely, regardless of age and physical condition.

In the classes, you can learn how to breathe correctly and how to meditate in order to understand what a calm and strong mind means.